Bi-Fold Doors

A Bi-Fold door can open up your home and create the perfect uninterrupted view.

Our Bi-fold doors are made in PVC or aluminium, both are thermally efficient. They are available as individual doors or can be custom-specified for your new self build conservatory allowing you to bring your garden into your home.

Our folding doors are available in many different design configurations and our doors are custom made to suit your precise needs:  You can decide how your doors are configured and whether they stacks inwards or outwards.

Depending on your requirements you can select a standard or low threshold and the door can be fitted directly onto brickwork or onto a choice of projecting sills.

There is increasing demand for these sliding folding doors, their popularity stemming from the opportunity to open up the front of a conservatory or facing of a house to take full advantage of the fresh outside air, natural light and the benefits of easy access to the garden and patio.