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Reap the benefits of our composite doors

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The next generation in property security

Looking for an option that has the charm of traditional wood without the cost? Composite is your answer. Design your new doors with Glasstec Hove and find a style that matches your home in Shoreham-by-Sea and your personality.

The safe yet stylish solution

The composite door has risen in popularity over recent years, providing a reliable option to homeowners across Shoreham-by-Sea. Extremely low maintenance - no need to repaint! - but with the aesthetic of wood, their performance is truly second to none whilst offering traditional beauty that adds to your home's aesthetic. 

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The look of wood without the disadvantages

There's no disputing the beauty of a natural wood door. However, although visually appealing, this material lacks the properties that you need from an external door. Overtime, the wood can absorb water, causing it to rot and your security to be at risk. The need for ongoing maintenance and repairs make this material costly and difficult to upkeep, not to mention the expense of forking out for quality timber in the first place!


Composite doors, however, use a mixture of materials, primarily uPVC, to create the look of wood whilst boasting the attributes of plastic. Highly durable, intrusion resistant and low-maintenance, composite doors allow you to make your house your own without compromising on functionality. 

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A vibrant turquoise door with silver handle and letterbox
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An overview of the composite door:

  • Customisable with your choice of colours, textures and effects

  • Visually appealing to enhance kerb appeal 

  • Draught-free 

  • Added protection from intruders

  • Low maintenance 

  • Combines various materials making this door highly durable

  • Waterproof acrylic outer layer, putting up a good fight against the typical British climate! 

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Looking to go composite? Get in touch

Reach our team in Shoreham-by-Sea who will work to help you find a solution that suits your requirements and budget. 

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