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Garden Room Ideas: 7 Uses for Your New Space

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular in Hove because they are an affordable, beautiful way to add more living space to your home. Unlike traditional extensions, garden rooms don’t require planning permission and the construction is a much faster, less intrusive process. If you’re thinking about installing a garden room, here are seven popular uses for your new space.

Home Gym

If you’d love to get fit but can’t find the motivation to drag yourself to the gym every day, why not turn your new garden room into a home gym? No more waiting for your favourite machine to become available, and you can customise it to your fitness needs.

Hot Tub Room

There is nothing like the luxury of soaking in a hot tub after a long day. But since we can’t rely on the weather here in Hove, an outdoor hot tub doesn’t tend to get used much.

Turning your garden room into a dedicated space for your hot tub means you’ll get to use it year-round. We can make sure your garden room is moisture-resistant, non-slip, and can even include power so you can install lighting and a TV to make it a real wow factor.

Music Room

Whether you have kids learning instruments or play yourself, the whole family will be thankful to have a dedicated music room that doesn’t disturb the rest of the house.

We can custom-build your garden room to fit larger instruments, like grand pianos, and give it extra security to keep your instruments safe. You can also think about soundproofing to keep the neighbours happy during rehearsals.

Home Office

With more and more people working from home, dedicated home offices are becoming a valuable real estate. Working from your dining room table is never practical, but not many houses have a spare bedroom to convert into an office.

Turning a garden room into an office means you have a dedicated space to store important paperwork and files, and you can keep everything separate from home life.

Game Room

If you love playing pool, darts, or arcade games, you could turn your garden room into a dedicated gaming room. Whether that’s adding a pool table or a high-spec gaming set-up, we can help you customise your new garden room to be the ultimate gaming retreat.

Kids Room

If your kids are getting a little older and want their own space, a garden room can give them that privacy they want while in the safety of the garden. Think of a garden room as a modern-day treehouse – your kids will be happy to have their own space, and you’ll be happy with the mess being limited to the garden!

Guest Bedroom

If you have friends or relatives that visit often, you could also turn your garden room into a guest bedroom. This is great for longer stays and stops guests from sleeping on sofas. You could even add a small kitchen and toilet and turn it into an Airbnb to make some extra cash.

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